Episode 3: How to Resist Transphobia with Emmelia Talarico

We spoke with Emmelia about putting marginalized voices up front in our activism.

Emmelia Talarico is an organizer with DisruptJ20 and other organizations in the Maryland and DC area. Emmelia started her organizing as a workplace advocate and quickly moved up to being a labor organizer for Change to Win, organizing federally contracted fast food worker to go on strike for $15 and a union. She is currently the field organizer for Global Trade Watch, winning on campaigns such as the Stop The TPP fight.

During our conversation we spoke about the impact of trade on immigration and how the Affordable Care Act has had a positive impact for transgender people. One big concerned that was discussed was how state-level legislation targeting transgender persons has greatly increased and how the Trump Department of Justice won’t be interested in defending LGBTQ rights.

During the discussion we spoke about Silvia Rivera, a leader in the fight for gay and trans rights. Click here to see the video we spoke about during the podcast or Rivera bring shouted down, but please note that there Rivera speaks about rape, physical violence, and imprisonment. Please also read about Jennicet Gutiérrez, a transgender woman and undocumented immigrant who interrupted President Obama over his immigration policies.