Episode 10: Resistance School with Shanoor Seervai and Yasmin Radjy

Visit Resistance School’s website and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. You can see the first session of their program, Make Your Voice Heard, online and sign up for future sessions.

Yasmin Radjy is a Master in Public Policy candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and one of the Co-Founders of Resistance School. At HKS, she serves as Co-Chair of the Electoral Politics Professional Interest Council, Chair of the Persian Caucus; last year, she served as Co-Chair of the Democratic Caucus. Last election cycle, she served as a bundler for the Russ Feingold Senate race and volunteered as a fellow for the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign.

Shanoor Seervai is a Master in Public Policy student at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and one of the Co-Founders of Resistance School. She is a Freedman/Martin journalism scholar and the Editor-in-Chief of the Kennedy School Review, which is the Kennedy School’s largest student-run policy journal. While at HKS, Shanoor has also conducted research and written about child and youth protection in the ongoing refugee crisis in Germany, Sweden, and Jordan.

Episode 9: How to Resist Burning Out with Jill Raney

Find out more about Jill at their website Practice Make Progress.

We spoke about how Jill lives their values through their work and their business model. We also talked about how hard it is to start a new organization, and Jill pointed out that being an activist and starting a new organization are different skill sets and recommends new activists get involved with existing institutions. Activists need training, and Jill pointed out that our middle school history classes doesn’t teach us that activists like Rosa Parks were trained, long term activists with strategic aims.

Jill also loves dance parties and participated in one outside Ivanka Trump’s house last week.

Episode 8: How to Resist Government Corruption with Nick Schwellenbach

You can find more information about the Project on Government Oversight on their website and on Twitter. You should also follow Nick himself on Twitter at @schwellenbach.

Nick has also worked and written extensively about the role of whistleblowers in our democracy, including a survival guide for federal whistleblowers

We spoke about how citizens can file Freedom of Information Act requests online and use the tools that watchdog groups use, such as the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER).

Other oversight and watchdog groups mentioned in the conversation include The Center on Public Integrity and Public Citizen.

Episode 7: Music to Punch Nazis By with Terence Hannum

You can get a copy of Axebreaker’s Burn False Flags starting today.

Visit bandcamp to hear more about Terence’s work with Locrian and The Holy Circle. His visual Trihedron series has been shown at the Guest Spot at the Reinstitute.

We spoke about how artists can incorporate act of resistance into their artistic work, as well as important past movements of resistance. Terence referred to the White Rose movement and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s work against Nazi Germany as well as ACT UP’s movement  to fight the AIDS epidemic.

Episode 6: How to Resist Discrimination with Raed Jarrar

We spoke about the Center for Civilians in Conflict and the lawsuit Raed won against Transportation Security Administration and Jet Blue with assistance from the ACLU.

We also had a great conversation about white supremacy and white privilege, as well as male privilege and how we all experience different privileges in different ways.

Listeners can find out more about the American Friends Service Committee on their website. You can read Where Is Raed? here. We talked about plugging in to activism with groups like immigrant rights organization United We Dream and the DC Justice for Muslims Coalition.

Episode 4: How to Resist the Patriarchy with Carmen Rios

You can learn more about Carmen at carmenfuckingrios.com.

Carmen serves as the Digital Editor at Ms. magazine, Managing Editor of Argot magazine, and Contributor at Everyday Feminism. Her work has also appeared on outlets like Autostraddle, Buzzfeed, and Bitch. She really loves Hillary Clinton, and served during the election as Social Media Coordinator for the Feminist Majority’s She Wins We Win campaign.

Carmen is the co-host of the wonderful podcast The Bossy Show.

Episode 3: How to Resist Transphobia with Emmelia Talarico

We spoke with Emmelia about putting marginalized voices up front in our activism.

Emmelia Talarico is an organizer with DisruptJ20 and other organizations in the Maryland and DC area. Emmelia started her organizing as a workplace advocate and quickly moved up to being a labor organizer for Change to Win, organizing federally contracted fast food worker to go on strike for $15 and a union. She is currently the field organizer for Global Trade Watch, winning on campaigns such as the Stop The TPP fight.

During our conversation we spoke about the impact of trade on immigration and how the Affordable Care Act has had a positive impact for transgender people. One big concerned that was discussed was how state-level legislation targeting transgender persons has greatly increased and how the Trump Department of Justice won’t be interested in defending LGBTQ rights.

During the discussion we spoke about Silvia Rivera, a leader in the fight for gay and trans rights. Click here to see the video we spoke about during the podcast or Rivera bring shouted down, but please note that there Rivera speaks about rape, physical violence, and imprisonment. Please also read about Jennicet Gutiérrez, a transgender woman and undocumented immigrant who interrupted President Obama over his immigration policies.

Episode 2: How To Resist with Humor with Linsay Deming

Linsay Deming is an entertainer, writer, video producer, and arts educator. Linsay is the Manager of Digital Learning at the Smithsonian Institution’s Hirshhorn Museum’s ARTLAB+ program. Linsay was instrumental in organizing the What A Joke! comedy festival, a multi-city comedy festival which raised money for the ACLU and aimed it’s barbs at Donald Trump.

You can find out dates for Linsay’s liver comedy show, which hosts performances in Washington DC, New York City, and Los Angeles, on ChurchNight.org, and be sure to watch her hilarious Church Night TV.